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📚 Daily World Quest (Paperclip for Villa)

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Time: in any time
Requirements: 70lv+

Info and objective
World Quest (WQ or also known as Paperclip for Villa) - is a daily quest, available for players level 70 and above.
First of all, to be able to do World Quest, the player must first obtain a Fantasy Token from the Elder of Archosaur located in East Archosaur (571, 648) via the Paperclip for Villa quest.
The objective is to collect and exchange volumes of the World History from NPC located throughout the World.


World History Volumes
Below is a table of NPCs that the player can exchange their World History volumes with

#Book NameNPC Name*NPC LocationNearby Teleports
(Fantasy Token)Li MengpaiWest District in Archosaur (531,641)West Archosaur
(Paperclip)Tu HengWest District in Archosaur (532,645)West Archosaur
1GeographyTailor Fang PeiWest District in Archosaur (522,648)West Archosaur
2RegimesMoshangBroken Bridge Village (228,556)Broken Bridge Village
3The GeneralOld HunterTimberfield (498,970)Timberfield
4ConventionsMerchant ChenVillage of Brutes (218,423)Village of Brutes
5EmperorsCamilla GardnerThe Great Lake (458,593)West Archosaur
6WraithsLady LoHidden Orchid (586,564)Hidden Orchid (South Archosaur/Sanctuary)
7EtiquetteHsu HsiakoHidden Orchid (586,567)Hidden Orchid (South Archosaur/Sanctuary)
8CeremonyWinged Elf TienNorth District of Archosaur (581,685)North Archosaur
9ArchosaurKao the MusicianAllies Camp (621,724)Allies Camp/North Archosaur
10ArmoryOld Soldiernear Angler's Village (655,856)Angler's Village
11AstronomyCount MisfortuneCity of Misfortune (665,968)Misfortune City
12CommerceMerchant ChenTradewind Village (431,736)Tradewind Village
13XenoworldSwiftwind RecluseMt. Burhan (357,787)Swiftwind Tribe
14NamesSumor Camp ElderSumor Camp (334,827)Sumor Camp
15ElementsBlacksmith YangSundown Town (123,590)Sundown Town
16The LunaGuard HsiungDragon Wilderness (142,641)Town of Arrivals
17Frost CityTalon Member ChaoDragon's End (284,566)Dragon's End (Broken Bridge Village)
18HumorOrphan HongArrowhead Manor (434,458)Arrowhead Manor
19FactionsMember of the TalonTusk Town (464,339)Tusk Town
20CalendarGreat ScholarDreamweaver Port (666,369)Dreamweaver Port
21AcademiaApothecary WuDreamweaver Port (667,374)Dreamweaver Port
22FolkloreTough Man TiehiVillage of the Dreaming Cloud (547,372)Village of the Dreaming Cloud
23LifespringMaster of Yin-YangVillage of the Dreaming Cloud (549,376)Village of the Dreaming Cloud
24Plume WarYoung Man HsiaoWhetstone Keep (539,415)Whetstone Keep
25StridersOld WomanVillage of the Lost (639,476)Village of the Lost
26AssassinShop AssistantSanctuary (640,564)Sanctuary
27FengHsuhsienon the bridge in The Mountains of Morning Dew (654,550)Sanctuary
28ChinlingPai Li the PainterFragrant Hills (664,610)Sanctuary/South Archosaur/Hidden Orchid
29FaithsForeignerAboard a ship near Fragrant Hills (642,614)Sanctuary/South Archosaur/Hidden Orchid
30Outer LandMerchant ChiEast Barrier Village (182,867)East Barrier Village/City of a Thousand Streams
31WatersLaid-back Old ManNetherspring Camp (629, 242)Netherspring Camp
(Reward book)Li MengpaiWest District in Archosaur (531,641)West Archosaur

  • While doing World Quest the player should have 2 free inventory spaces - 1 space for the World History (although this goes into the quest inventory) and 1 extra space as there is a small chance of obtaining Mysterious Items.
  • If the player chooses to fly from one NPC to another, it is recommended to use the Autopath feature while flying at the maximum height, especially if the player is away from their computer.
    • It is also recommended to not have the Cancel Fly Mode selected as some NPCs are located near aggressive monsters.
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