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- Fixed a bug with two identical summer event currencies. Now you can merge them into one and exchange it for rewards. Summer Harbinger NPC will help you with this
- Fixed summer event titles
- Rebalanced drops in caster nirvana, now it is less than in normal nirvana
- Fixed a bug with the quest when the player could not exchange Platinum Butterfly for various rewards
- Fixed heads' damage while cleaning the Warsong pavilion
- Removed the exchange of extra items from Hare of Seasons NPC
- Added notes and warnings that R8R takes the refine level from R8, despite the requirement of N2 in the R8R recipe
Primarily, N2 was added to the recipe only so that it would always be in demand and players would use it
- Added a repair option inside Phoenix Valley
- Fixed Archosaur Arena

- Removed the quest called "Seven Years in PW"


- Removed the limit of trivia questions per account

Celestial Tigers
- Increased rewards from chests
- Fixed a bug when bosses still had 20kk HP and the change of the previous patch did not apply.

Faction Trials

Trial #6 [Trial of Eternity]: Fixed a bug when the boss doesn't want to spawn after completing the quest
Trial #7 [Trial of Sacrifice]: Now you will need to kill from 111 to 333 mobs (instead of 222-666)
Trial #9 [Trial of Salvation]: Nerfed mobs' HP and damage

- Changed the icon of martial arts scroll, so that players do not confuse it with mysterious page

🚧 The server reboot for this patch is scheduled at 11:00am ST/CEST
🛑 The server will be unavailable for ~10-15 minutes
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