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- Santa Claus has arrived in the External World!
From December 21st to January 7th, he will let you exchange the new Christmas currencies to various rare and super useful items!
You can earn new currency by completing new daily quests (you can find them in the available tab)

Christmas Holiday set
Snowman Lord
Carol the Weasel
Carol the Big Weasel
Chippy the Chipmunk
- Collect special Santa's gifts with random contents in it every 6 hours
You can find them in random locations in the west of Archosaur City.
There will be a notification in the system chat about their spawn every time.
- Added new exclusive flyers to the Boutique for 100 gold (2.5 - 4.5 m/s)
Please note that these flyers will be removed from the Boutique once Christmas event ends.
You can upgrade them with a forge in the 1k Streams if you need.

- Enjoy new discounts in the Boutique for some flyers, pets, and fashion.
- Added a lot of new flyers to the Boutique
- Added extra info to the wine descriptions
- Updated description of TT mats
- Updated some system notifications

- Added World Bosses page to the Calendar

- Added 99FB pages to the Calendar

- Added missing mounts to the upgrade with the pet manager
- Some UI fixes
- Some small adjustments
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