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  • Nation Wars changes:
- Introducing the new event map
- Frost, Flame, Light and Dark nations have been removed from the game. They have been replaced by 2 new ones: The Radiant and The Dire.
- Timer of the event has been reduced to 1 hour
- Updated rewards in the NW forge
- Reduced tower health points on the Bridge Battle


  • Changes in the Tournament Event
- Super Heavyweight bracket has been returned for 90+ levels
- Returned the old reward with the
Championship Scroll for 1st place of the Super Heavyweight bracket

  • Introducing the new territory rewards
Now, in addition to the reward, the faction leader will receive new medals

These medals can be exchanged for faction NPC token and faction style set
Faction Supervisor will be glad to exchange these items for you!
*You can place your NPC at the any spot you want (except for the main cities)
**Also you can choose up a model for it for yourself




  • Added the Perfect Questmaster to the game
The Perfect Questmaster is an NPC that rewards players for completing quests in Perfect World. He will reward players for completing a certain number of unique quests; completing the same quest multiple times, such as a daily quest, will not count towards the unique quest count.
You can track number of your completed quests in the User Panel.
The Perfect Questmaster can be found in all major cities

  • Added a lot of new fashion to the Fashion Shop
  • Added new mount pets, flyers and cat shops to the Boutique
  • Badge of Bravery now drops from the WBs
  • Added an auto-path to the WBs in the notifications if they're getting attacked
  • Introduced the gifting feature in the Boutique. Now you can make a gift to someone of your friends!
  • Added a group mail button for sending mail to all of your faction members
  • Updated the support system in the game. Now you can send a message to GM Staff
  • Updated badwords filter
  • Some UI changes
  • Some small adjustments
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