Season 2 Update v80

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This update includes:
  • Map resetting
More than 9 months have passed since the beginning of Season 1
Defiant - were definitely one of the strongest factions
I'm glad that they, like many other factions, were created on our server.
And we're looking forward to seeing new factions and new heroes who will conquer the map this time.

End of the Season 1 | External World

In the 2nd season:
New rewards and new privileges for factions holding cities, such as:
Unique Faction NPC with useful functions (with any model you want)
Special style sets for these factions
and much more [details later]
  • Introduced Offline Catshop feature
Just click on the checkbox when leaving the game and your character will stay online until your next log-in
  • Added a special ink to the Boutique
A special ink that creates a signature on your gear.
Can be used by any Seamstress to modify or delete Gear Signatures.

  • There is also a new special item in the Bouqitue that summons a custom NPC with useful functions near you
  • Increased nickname length to 12 characters
  • Updated rewards in the Nation Wars forge
  • Some small adjustments
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