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Hello everyone!
It's been 6 months since the server was opened and we just would like to thank all of you for keep staying with us
We've prepared a special update and some pleasant surprises for you:

Gather your friends and get ready for double the fun in External World... 2X Weekend Event is finally here!

Spend this weekend with us and take advantage of 2X EXP, Spirit, and Drops!
Also, at this time you'll have a bonus of
+20% to all your donations.

Starts: Friday, May 22th @ 8:00 PM UTC (9:00 PM ST)
Ends: Monday, May 25th @ 8:00 AM UTC
(9:00 AM ST)

Also, сheck out a patch-note for this special update:

- Trivia Event is back! Now it's a weekly auto-event.
You have the chance to earn up to 15 reward chests every day by correctly answering quiz questions
NPCs with questions will appear every Monday from 9 to 10pm server time.
If you see incorrect answers or questions from newer versions, just let us know about it

- Now you can take part in random invasions.
You will be notified of the location where the event was started.
So keep your eyes on the chat!

- Special offer for factions
From now, factions leaders can send an application to @Sushi (or in the Discord to Sushi#3688) for getting a one-time bonus
It will depend on how many members you have, which levels they are, etc...

- Sign-In Event:
Added more Teleport Stones as a reward for Sign-In
Changed the position of some rewards

- World Bosses:
The number has back to the original one
Slightly changed the loot from them
Will be changed after the 2X Weekend Event

- Added fashion style sets at your requests

- Added some new flyers at your requests
- Bounty Hunter NPC is now in 1k Streams
- Fixed some quests
- Some fashion now is tradable
- Fixed Lion Lord's movespeed (from 9 to 10 m/s)
- Added some low tier mount pets to the upgrade with spurs
- Some UI fixes

- Some small adjustments

Also we're announcing a new event "Secret Treasures of the External World"
Make sure that you following our FaceBook page to be know when event starts

The topic may be adjusted

Best regards,
External World Staff
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