Update v54-57

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  • Same-sex marriage added to the game
Now for the wedding you need to buy pack from the Boutique, be in the same squad with your soulmate, activate both of your rings from the pack, and pass the quest to the NPC
Important! Even if your partner is the same gender as you - you need to buy different packs (Groom and Bride packs)
  • Server time moved forward by one hour for daylight saving time
  • Added
    Siamese Fruit to the Boutique
Now you can change your gender
  • Added Trivia auto-event
You have the chance to earn up to 15 reward chests every day by correctly answering quiz questions
NPCs with questions will appear every evening from 9pm to 10pm server time.
  • Added a new daily 6h online quest for those players who are quarantined at home
In order to receive a reward you need to remain online for 6h
You can take this challenge from Duke Blacke
Trivia Event and online challenge will last 2 weeks

  • Fixed some quests and description of them
  • Changed some bosses required for killing for 100+ BH quests
  • Updated Crazy Stone reward for 100+ lvls
  • Fixed one of the BH 100+ daily quests
  • Added some new fashion style sets to the Boutique
  • Fixed Warsong Сity location name
  • Fixed loot from some GV Delta bosses
  • Fixed passing Dragon Temple quest
  • Fixed weird enter to City of Abomination
  • Some small adjustments
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