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The Tournament Event occurs every Thursday night at 8:00 PM server time
You can sign up for participation from before 8:05 pm.

To participate you need to have 100.000 coins, and go to one of the Tournament Agents:

Locations these NPCs:

Etherblade (434, 887);

City of the Plume (328, 429);

City of the Lost (250, 469);

Archosaur (529, 663);

Thousand Streams (131, 858);

Players entering the tournament will be separated into six different brackets, depending on their level


[40-49] Flyweight;

I stage (Qualification): EXP: 22384 SP: 4477
II stage (Quarterfinal): EXP: 44769 SP: 8954
III stage (Semifinal ): EXP: 89538 SP: 17908
VI stage (Final ):
1st place: EXP: 537225 SP: 107445
2nd place: EXP: 358150 SP: 71630
3rd place: EXP: 179075 SP: 35815
[50-59] Featherweight;
I stage (Qualification): EXP: 42223 SP: 8445
II stage (Quarterfinal): EXP: 84447 SP: 16889
III stage (Semifinal): EXP: 168893 SP: 33779
VI stage (Final):
1st place: EXP: 1013360 SP: 202672
2nd place: EXP: 675573 SP: 135115
3rd place: EXP: 337787 SP: 67557
[60-69] Lightweight;
I stage (Qualification): EXP: 73098 SP: 14620
II stage (Quarterfinal): EXP: 146196 SP: 29239
III stage (Semifinal): EXP: 292393 SP: 58479
VI stage (Final):
1st place: EXP: 1461963 SP: 292393
2nd place: EXP: 1096472 SP: 219294
3rd place: EXP: 584785 SP: 116957
[70-79] Middleweight;
I stage (Qualification): EXP: 105474 SP: 21095
II stage (Quarterfinal): EXP: 210948 SP: 42190
III stage (Semifinal): EXP: 421897 SP: 84379
VI stage (Final):
1st place: EXP: 2109484 SP: 421897
2nd place: EXP: 1582113 SP: 316423
3rd place: EXP: 843794 SP: 168759
[80-89] Heavyweight;
I stage (Qualification): EXP: 168573 SP: 33715
Warsoul Tag: 7x.
II stage (Quarterfinal): EXP: 337145 SP: 67429
Warsoul Tag: 14x.
III stage (Semifinal): EXP: 674291 SP: 134858
Warsoul Tag: 21x.
VI stage (Final):
1st place: EXP: 3371455 SP: 674291
Warsoul Tag: 42x.
2nd place: EXP: 2528591 SP: 505718
Warsoul Tag: 35x.
3rd place: EXP: 1348582 SP: 269716
Warsoul Tag: 28x
[90+] Super Heavyweight.
I stage (Qualification): EXP: 201172 SP: 40234
Warsoul Tag: 9x.
II stage (Quarterfinal): EXP: 402343 SP: 80469
Warsoul Tag: 18x.
III stage (Semifinal): EXP: 804686 SP: 160937
Warsoul Tag: 27x.
VI stage (Final):
1st place: EXP: 4023432 SP: 804686
Championship Scroll
2nd place: EXP: 3017574 SP: 603515
Warsoul Tag: 45x.
3rd place: EXP: 1609373 SP: 321875
Warsoul Tag: 36x.

Event's objective
After finding the NPC, he teleports you to the waiting room (the room is not a PvP zone), where chests soon appear - from which you receive a pass for the event and the Emissary who will gladly take this pass from you and 100,000 coins.


The next rooms are PvP zones and up to 12 players can teleport into them

After 5 minutes, chests appear - passes to the next room, and after another 5 minutes - the Emissary, who passes you on.
So you need to spend 10 minutes in each room to get to the next stage

You drop out of the event:
If you died;
If you didnโ€™t dig out the chest before the NPC appeared;
If you dug up a chest but died before an NPC appeared.

Good luck everyone!
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