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📣 Important! Support program for factions

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Hello everyone
We are launching a new support program for factions

And from now, factions leaders can send an application to @Sushi (or in the Discord to Sushi#3688) for getting a one-time bonus
It will depend on how many members you have, which levels they are, etc...
After receiving the bonus, the faction leader decides between whom to share this bonus:
  • between all members
  • or between only the most active ones
  • or between those in need
When approving applications, we will take into account only real people and unique IP addresses.
For example, if you have 3 characters in a fraction, the bonus will be calculated only for one of them.

You have to send an application to me ( @Sushi ) on the forum or in the Discord ( Sushi#3688 )

1. Your nickname
2. Name of your faction
3. How long has your faction been created

- We have the right to reject your application if we believe that members of your faction abuse this bonus (if they received it earlier, for example)
- Approval of the application can last up to 3 days.
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