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Important! Support program for factions

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Hello everyone
We are launching a new support program whereby faction leaders can help their members who have recently joined the server.

And from now, factions leaders can send an application to @Sushi (or in the Discord to Sushi#3688) for getting a one-time bonus
It will depend on how many members you have, which levels they are, etc...
After receiving the bonus, the faction leader decides between whom to share this bonus:
  • between all members
  • or between only the most active ones
  • or between those in need
Please note that the bonus will be useful only to beginners (generally lower than 60 level) who have recently started playing.
When approving applications, we will take into account only real people and unique IP addresses.
For example, if you have 3 characters in a fraction, the bonus will be calculated only for one of them.

You have to send an application to me ( @Sushi ) on the forum or in the Discord ( Sushi#3688 )

1. Your nickname
2. Name of your faction
3. How long has your faction been created

- We have the right to reject your application if we believe that members of your faction abuse this bonus (if they received it earlier, for example)
- Approval of the application can last up to 3 days.
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