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Important! Support a creator program

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We are launching a new promotion whereby you can earn gold in the Boutique by broadcasting our game server
Requirements for concluding an agreement:
  • Stream on Twitch, YouTube or FaceBook
  • Stream quality 720p and better
  • Links to our site or forum in description
  • Keep all your recent broadcasts
What do you get by supporting and advertising our server on one of the streaming platforms?
  1. 5 gold per 3 hours or more of daily stream
  2. 3 gold for daily broadcast less than 3 hours, but not less than 1.5 hour
  3. Short broadcasts are not rewarded (less than 1.5h), but this time is taken into account when calculating the total time of the weekly broadcast
  • Special badge on the forum
  • Special role in the Discord
  • +15 bonus gold if over the past week the total time of broadcasts is more than 14 hours
Thus, you can get 50 gold for a week of streams if you broadcast for 3 hours every day.

So that we start tracking your channel and you receive gold for broadcasting - write an application to @Sushi

1. Your nickname
2. Link to your channel on Youtube or Twitch

- The reward will be sent to broadcasters on the basis of last week on Monday.
- Due to the long inactivity (for example 2 weeks), the unique role in the discord can be removed.
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