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So proud of myself. for a short time. Got 240 petals on my Archer (only messed up and got 20 on Veno), and wanted to get a little giddy-up on my wings, then move on to pet for Veno. The pride vanished when I noticed the Blossom Ticket was for "flyers".. Buy then choose class. Oops, guess that means it is not for archers, not too clear on what it means actually. Hope not. Already got a ride for veno, just need to upgrade. Am I stuck with the 240 petals and end up buying stuff I don't relay want, or does the blossom ticket work for me?

Another question, on previous thread I was told to look in "wayback machine" for data questions. Well Mr. Peabody, Sherman has no idea what that is or how to access it . (used to watch Rocky all the time about 60 years ago.. loved it!) A little extra explanation would be appreciated since I am more comfortable with an abacus or a slide rule that with IT junk.

Again thank you in advance.


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Indeed, Blossom Token is for flyers - flyers for all classes. So if you want a flyer for your archer, you have to choose the one for elves: it is called Scarlet Engine.
Also, a simple way to make sure you are choosing the correct flyer, check in flyer's description - "Required class".
This not applies for mount pets because they don't have any class requisite.

If you have any other questions about the game, you can have a look on the beginner guide in the forum and you can search for general information in https://www.pwdatabase.com/ too. And if you don't feel comfortable with these, you can always ask to other players in the server's Discord channel. :giggle:
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