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📚 Daily Snake Island Race

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Time: the race is available at 12:30PM and 9:30PM server time
Requirements: 40lv+
NPC: Wolf Cub (quest: Take the Race)
Other info: Max 100 players on the map, PK disabled map

Info and objective
The race area opens 10 minutes prior to the race, and closes 5 minutes after the race begins.
Once inside the player will be located near the start of the race. A Chief Referee will be at the beginning of the race along with several blue Starting Line flags, which serve as both the start and finish lines. Players must wait at this area until the beginning of the race, either at 12:30PM or 9:30PM.
The player's objective is to complete 3 laps of the island within 30 minutes, crossing each of the 4 check points in consecutive order to complete 1 lap. There are large arrows on the ground to guide the player through the race.
Note, that you do not need to take a quest from each check point but instead be near them until a quest has been completed.


Buffs and Debuffs
Throughout the race there are several different objects. There will be colored wisps floating around along with colored diamonds that are stationary. Each object will grant the player a buff or debuff depending on their type and color.
To activate a wisp or diamond the player needs to come in direct contact with them.
If you are within a short range of them, you will aggro them and they will begin to chase you, though they will give up if you have moved far enough.

blue (1).png
Purple Wisp


Increases mount speed
for a short period of time.
Blue Wisp


Reduces your movement speed
for a short period of time.
White Wisp

Prevents you from moving
for a short period of time.
Yellow Wisp


Prevents you from moving or using skills
for a short period of time.
Also has a chance to knock you
off your mount.

White diamond

Random Effect

Randomly grants the player a freeze, slow, stun,
or accelerate effect for a short period of time.
Purple diamond


Increases mount speed for a short period of time.​

Once the player has finished all 3 laps they must head back to the starting line and hand in their race quest to the Chief Referee. He will then give another quest to dig a Dungeon Chest, located on the hill where he is facing. All players that finish the race will be able to dig a Dungeon Chest, so it is recommended to dig a chest as soon as possible. There are a total of 5 Dungeon Chests, meaning that the first 5 players to finish the race have the best chance to dig one of these chests.


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