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📚 Daily Sign-In Event

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The Sign-In Event is a daily event, found within the Event Calendar. Each day, players can "sign in" or "check in" for daily rewards. This item rewards offered for each day that players successfully sign in during the month.

How to Sign In
To sign in, you must first open the Event Calendar, which can be opened by clicking the calendar icon beneath the mini-map, to the top-right corner of the screen. It can also be opened through the Encyclopedia via the Event button.

Once the Event Calendar is open, there will be a button to the top-right corner of the window that says "Sign in". Clicking that button will successfully sign you in for the day. Clicking on the "Record" button beside the "Sign In" button will open another window showing how many days you have successfully signed in for the month.


Sign-ins reset at midnight server time each day, allowing you to sign in again. Relogging is not required, however if you have not logged off since before midnight server time, you will not be able to sign in properly unless you open the Check Record window first.

  • The months of the current year, from January to December, are indicated in the field :

- registration was performed every day during the specified month.
- the registration has been missed in not more than 3 days during the specified month.
- registration is missed in more than 3 days in the specified month.

  • The days of the current month are displayed in the field ②.

- registration on this day is complete.
- the registration on that day has been skipped.
- the current day that has not yet been registered.

  • In the field ③ the Registration button allows you to register a day that has already been missed in the current month.
To do this, you need an
Absence Note, which is sold in the Boutique. Can be used not more than 4 times a month, one note allows you to register one missed day.

  • In the field ④ there are rewards for all days of the month.
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