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Highrate Server Description (the first draft)


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Hey everybody!
Sushi's here, and today I'm gonna tell you about our plans for the highrate server :p

:monkeysmile:Main Info
  • Game version - 1.3.6
  • 3 Races: Human, Untamed, Winged Elves
  • Max. Level - 105
  • Final gear - Warsoul Weapons, Lunar and OHT equipment, 8 rank
  • Dungeons: 19-109

:tigerflirt:What's new compared with the classic low-rate server?
  • Higher server rates
From monsters: EXP х10, SP х10, Coins х2, Drop х1
From quests: EXP x2, SP x2, Coins x2
Mining x2

  • Added 79 / 100 skills
For now, we're planning add pages for these skillbooks to the drop from WBs

  • Added new weapons and equipment
Start equipment, Warsoul weapons, OHT equipment has been added to the game
So that players don't get bored in the endgame

  • Added new useful items to the Boutique, such as auto-recovery stone, teleport bell etc
We're hoping that this change will make your gameplay a bit easier

  • Added custom NPC with all molds in the game
You will be able to exchange your chips and coins for these molds.
For rare ones - the number of required chips can be doubled or even tripled

  • Added server NPC with some consumables and utility items
  • Added Chrono chain-quest
  • Added mats to the Boutique
  • Increased speed for all flyers
It will be twice as quick.
For example, for a flyer with a speed of 3.3m/s, the speed on the highrate will be 6.6m/s.
  • Added new UI features
  • Added more daily quests, such as "Delicious Soup", "Critical Repair", "South Barrier Village Crisis", "Patrol the Streams" and "Vengeful Troops"
  • Increased reward for tabs (more reputation points)

:pigpuzzled: In doubt for now:
  • Genies
  • Title System
  • Flying on the TW map
  • Cross Server Nation Wars

We've created a suggestion channel for this server
So, feel free to share on the Discord your impressions and ideas ;)

📥 Download links [will be available soon]
📆 No official date yet
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Looking forward to this!

Personally I think Title System, Genies, 79 skills and auto-recovery stones should not be added to the game or perhaps some of them can wait till later.

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I would add Pet XP x 2.
Also Tigers event is one of my favorites. On a new server it takes a LOT of ppl and a LONG time to take down the end bosses. I would suggest less hp for tiger bosses at first and gradually work up to 15 mill xp. Also if we have longer time to turn in quest those that must leave before event is over can still get credit for their contribution.
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