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Summer Pearl

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High-rate x10

I'm Summer (veno) or Pearl (cleric) in game. I've been having PW cravings lately and hoped to find a nice newish server to join so I've hopped into the high rate server. I was heavily into PW many moons ago and sadly the server I played on died off. It would be nice to find a new community to be a part of. With that said, if anyone has any guild recommendations for a returning player who enjoys a balance of both pve and pvp then I'd appreciate if you can let me know below!

Also a veno question: Sadly I've been made redundant during the pandemic so I won't be able to donate any time soon. How difficult is it to grind Nix and Herc on this server and is having these pets an expected standard for venos here? I have started off as cleric for simplicities sake but depending on the veno situation, I really want to play her too as veno is my fave class from any mmo I've played.

Anyway nice to meet you! See you in game!
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