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As mentioned, following up on the forum. Just wanted to follow up with some suggestions for the future of a low-rate server...

Possible quick wins:

1. Training Posts
- Can we have a training post that we can attack to practice combos throughout the map? West Arch, Land of Buried Bones, Timber-field and South Arch are common places to put them.
2. Faction Manager Bank - Npc part of guild base which provides a centralised bank for sharing and delegating access. This removes the need for having a bunch of toons for bank and multi-client logging them. Maybe add this as an added cost using coins so we can actually work towards something as a guild and then add additional bank slots using coins etc.
3. PvE back to PvP - I've realised that the server was made PVE, I assumed it was for certain players only as I couldn’t find the toggle button. I think for the future of this server and marketing, this should be reverted back to normal.
4. Nation Wars - Please can you consider adding socket stones to the NW Forges?
5. Boutique - Please can account stash be added to the boutique?
6. Molds - Please can you consider updating the Mysterious Merchant NPC with molds that is not farmable such as Aura of Buddha etc?
7. Catshop functionality for custom NPC - Allow faction to add items to sell at a discounted rate for guildies.

Challenging Items

1. Cross Sever Nation Wars
- Please re-consider cross-server events with the high rate server, especially Nation Wars and include unique rewards. I think both servers would appreciate this add-on.
2. OHT - What is your view on adding OHT to this server? It still falls under 1.3.x and gives players something more to work towards for e.g. G13 gold weapon with random stats.
3. Marketing - It would be cool to see some advertising around this server.
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