🛡️ PvE Event Question Roulette


External Player
Exactly like Russian Roulette, participants will be teleported to Arena and stand in a circle around the GM. Then the GM will walk up to one participant and ask a question; the question can be a math problem, a trivia question or an unscramble this.
The participant then has 5 seconds to answer, the GM will be counting down on chat. If the time runs out or the participant answers incorrectly, they will be killed by the GM. If they answer correctly, GM will move on to the next participant. Event can take as many rounds as necessary until one participant remains.

- PK is not allowed.
- Event will be held in Arena to restrict alts.
- Only the participant who has to answer as the GM asks the question can speak. If another participant or a spectator answers, they will be eliminated from the arena and/or the event.
- Participants are allowed to answer once. Misspelling and half wrote answers will count as incorrect.

Same as Russian Roulette.
GM event title [Made it out alive!]

Note: Can be used as well with Hide and Seek. The GM will hide, give a hint where they are. The participant that finds the GM will have to answer a question between 5 seconds. If they answer incorrectly GM will kill them, if they answer correctly they get a reward. Finding the GM for a second time and correctly answering the question will reward the title.
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