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How to participate?

A Game Master will announce the start of the Event, including the level range (may vary each time) 10 minutes before it starts.
After 10 minutes the first 12 players (or less), from the prior announced lvl range, to whisper the GM, will be teleported into the Archosaur Arena.

Team vs Team Event (Best out of 3/Best out of 5)
  1. The GM will select two Captains to pick their teams.
  2. Captain 1 will choose the first teammate.
  3. Captain 2 will choose two teammates and so on.
  4. In detail:
  5. 3v3 - picking distribution: 1-2 (Captain 1) and 2-1 (Captain 2)
  6. 4v4 - picking distribution: 1-2-1 (Captain 1) and 2-2 (Captain 2)
  7. 5v5 - picking distribution: 1-2-2 (Captain 1) and 2-2-1 (Captain 2)
  8. As soon as we have 2 even-numbered teams, they will get a little time to buff and prepare themselves.
  9. Once the team captains tell the GM their team is ready, the GM will start a countdown.

The last team to have a player remaining alive, gets rewarded.

Fighting Rules
If you die during the Event, you're not allowed to re-enter or intervene the fight in any form (Heals, Buffs etc.). You're still allowed to watch the battle.
Players not invited to the event are allowed to watch the event. Interrupting the event in any way is not allowed and will be punished.
Flying, stalling the battle purposely for too long or leaving the arena platform is not allowed and will cause the player to be removed from the event.
The GM has the right to interpolate rules anytime during the event.
No flying is allowed.
All charms/pots are allowed.

"PvP Arena Event" reward pack
Winning this event will also grant you the title [ Kill'em all! ] for 31 days.
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