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Project Rules

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Project Rules

This code of rules also applies to all project web resources, social media pages and other resources the project interacts with.

Some game shortcuts:

- a non-player character;
GM - Game Master - the person who keeps order in the game;
Administrator - the person responsible for the creation and operation of this server;
Event - from English. (event) - a game situation created by GMs that requires a quick solution (for example, the appearance of a dangerous monster in the city center).

General provisions:

Administration is always right.
1.1 The administration is not obliged to anyone and anything personally. Any use of project resources, including making voluntary donations, is a personal initiative of the user.
1.2. The administration has the right to refuse to use the project resources to the user without giving reasons.
1.3 The administration has the right to amend these rules in any time without the consent of users.
1.4 The administration has the right to dispose of all game objects at its discretion.
1.5 The administration has the right to evaluate the actions of users and take the necessary measures in relation to them.
1.6 All accounts belonging to one player may be subject to sanctions for violation of the rules on one of them.
1.7 The administration has the right to make changes to the server, services and services at its discretion.
1.8 All changes to the rules may be retroactive.

User rights:

. The player has the right to do everything that does not contradict these Rules.
2.2. In case of disagreement with the actions of GM, the player can write a complaint to the support service on the forum. The complaint is filed no more than once. If it is reviewed and denied, it is not allowed to re-apply on the same reason.
2.3. A player can get all the latest information about the project on the portal externalpw.com.

Users are prohibited from:

. Use in the game process of profanity, harassments, insults people with mental or physical disabilities, threats of violence, intolerance to racial, national, religious, cultural, ideological, sexual, linguistic or political affiliation.
3.2. Use any offensive words and characters in any form in the names or descriptions of characters, guilds and other game objects.
3.3. Creating character names, guild names and other insignia indicating that they belong to the Project staff. Also introducing yourself to other players as a friend or relative of the Administration or GM.
3.4. Creating names matching the names of existing players or guilds.
3.5. Flood. For example, write one word per line, write all words in uppercase, repeat the same line several times in a row.
3.6. Spreading rumors and slander about project staff. It is also prohibited to discredit the project.
3.7. Hacking and all kind of unlawful access to personal information of users, distribution or use of information that allows access to accounts of other users.
3.8. Abusing in-game glitches, errors or bugs. The user who finds a bug is obliged to inform Staff Team about this.
3.9. Intentionally performing any actions that impede or make impossible for other users access to the game.
3.10. Arguing with project staff, disputing their actions in any form. To do this - please submit a reasonable complaint to the support service.
3.11. Ask for the reasons of blocking account anywhere other than support service.
3.12. Selling or buying any item (or character) for in-game or out-of-game currency, including cash and other methods of payment.
Selling or buying characters for any currency (coins, gold shop, or out-of-game currency) is prohibited.
If you break this rule and buy a character, and after a while you will be deceived - THEN THE PROJECT ADMINISTRATION will not help you because you violated this rule and trusted the scammer.
This rule is created for your safety, and we don't want you to be scammed.
3.13 Writing about leaving the server, as well as to instigate other users to stop playing on the server
3.14. Distributing information and advertising other resources (including other perfect world private servers) not related to the project.
3.14. To disseminate information on the sale or purchase a software, the use of which is contrary to these rules.

3.15. Hacking or attempting to hack server or database components. Any modification files of the game in whole or in parts.
3.16. Using a cheats or any programs affecting the gameplay, including:
  • JumpHack
  • WallHack
  • FlyHack
  • ZoomHack
3.17. Use any software that emulates user actions in the game.
Exception: Software intended for trade.
3.18. Break the local laws of their country. The user is solely responsible for his failure to comply with such standards.
3.19. Abuse of voting bonuses in ratings: violation of voting rules - no more than 1 time per day for a user.

Additional bans on the forum:

. Speak off topic (offtopic, flood, flame). It is especially unacceptable for one user to create several posts in a row in one topic - use editing if you need to add something.
4.21. Create threads similar to existing ones.
4.22. Abuse large letters and "special effects" like colored text or "emoticons".
4.23. Call the topic is not in accordance with its content.
4.24. Intentionally creating a multi-account in order to evade punishment on previous ones.

Additional bans for Game Masters (GM):

. Intervention in the game process, except as expressly provided by the Rules.
4.26. Transfer of game values - in-game property and other benefits - to third parties.
4.27. The use of opportunities provided by the status of GM, for personal purposes.
4.28. Providing third parties with information that has become known to the GM in connection with its activities, except as specified in the Server Rules.
4.29. Providing third parties with information that may give some players an advantage over others.
4.30. Teleporting players, except in cases of scheduled events and the application of penalties associated with teleportation.
4.31. Abuse of authority. Including - the application of punishment to knowingly innocent persons.
4.32. Delegate authority or grant access to a GM account to third parties.
4.33. Disclosure to other players about GM position in the staff team.

Communication with the project team (Administration, moderators, game masters):

. It is forbidden to contact server staff unless absolutely necessary.
5.2. Write clearly, briefly and, if possible, competently.
5.3. It is forbidden to disrespect the project staff, both on the forum and in the game.
5.4. Prohibited threats, requests, pleas, etc. to the Administration and GM's server, both on the forum and in the game.
5.5. It is forbidden to interfere in the work of GM.
5.6. Party, Friend or Clan requests to GM is forbidden.
5.7. It is forbidden to cheat or deliberately mislead GM.
5.8. It is forbidden to publish conversations with GM, or their content without prior consent.
5.9. It is forbidden to discuss the punishment imposed by the GM or by a moderator anywhere other than the relevant sections of the forum.

Limitations of responsibility of the Project Administration:

. The administration is not responsible for any unlawful actions of the user.
6.2. The administration is not responsible for the statements of the user, produced or published on the resources of the project. The administration is not responsible for the behavior of the user on the project resources, including the behavior, character and ideology of the game characters controlled by the user, the actions of the game characters in the game, disrespect to other users of the game and the game characters they manage.
6.3. The administration is not responsible for the loss by the user of access to his game account - the user account in the game (loss of login, password, other information necessary for the user to participate in the game).
6.4. The administration is not responsible for the incomplete, inaccurate, incorrect spelling by the user of their data when creating a user account in the game.
6.5. The administration is not responsible for the loss of game values by the user. Especially if the user provided access to their account to someone else.
6.6. The administration is not responsible for the ability of the user to access the Internet, for the quality of services of Internet service providers, with whom the users have agreements on the provision of Internet access services.
6.7. The administration does not exchange game values, as well as in-game currencies for other game values, cash or non-cash money.
6.8. Administration does not guarantee that:
  • the game will meet the requirements of the user;
  • game process on project resources, as well as additional services will be provided continuously, quickly, reliably and without errors;
  • the results that can be obtained using the project services will be error free;
  • the quality of the game process, any service, information obtained using the game service provided on the project resources will meet the user's expectations.
6.9. The administration is not responsible for the occurrence of direct or indirect damage to the user or other third parties resulting from:
  • use or inability to use project resources;
  • unauthorized access by any third parties to the user's personal information, including the user account, the user's personal account in the game;
  • statements or behavior of any third party on project resources.
Responsibilities of Game Masters and Moderators:

. Show courtesy and tact in communication.
7.2. Prevent violations of the rules
7.3. Comply with the ethics of communication with the players and the administration.
7.4. Regularly appear on the server.

Relationship between players:

. The killing of players (PK - Player Killing) on the server is a gaming moment and is not punished, except as provided for by these rules.
8.2. There are no special rules for PvP, except for tournaments held by the administration with predetermined rules.
8.3. Trade is carried out directly by the players themselves and any mistakes made by participants in trade relations remain on their conscience, except when using game bugs.

Responsibility for breaking the rules:

. Responsibility is always the responsibility of the account holder, regardless of who acted under the account.
9.2. The following types of penalties are provided: chat lock, character lock, account lock, account deletion.
9.3. In some cases, it is possible to block the IP address of the offender and other technical criteria for a period determined by the administration of the server, in this case all players who play from this IP or computer are punished.
9.4. The administration has the right, at its own discretion, to change the measure of restraint and term of punishment for any violation.

Locks and warnings for common violations on the forums and in the game project:
  • Minor violations: from 15 minutes to 24 hours.
  • Serious violations: 1st blocking 6 hours, 2nd blocking 12 hours, 3rd blocking 24 hours and then up to 30 days.
In general and private chat, only serious violations are moderated (Insulting relatives and so on).

The maximum blocking time is 3 years. Issued in case of permanent violations of the rules of paragraph 3.1.

3.2. Perpetual blocking of the character. Users who violate the rules before the entry into force of these rules are entitled to change the nickname.
3.5. Blocking chat character or account for up to 6 hours.
3.6. Blocking chat for 7 days or more.
3.9. Blocking chat for 7 days or more. For any suggestions, complaints and criticisms, there are relevant sections on the forum.
3.10. Block chat or account from 7 days or more.
3.11. Perpetual blocking of all accounts that, according to the administration, belong to the offender.
3.12. Perpetual account blocking.
3.15. Block a character or account at 30, 60, 90.
3.16. Block a character or account at 30, 60, 90.
3.17. Block a character or account at 30, 60, 90.
3.19. Perpetual blocking accounts involved in cheat.
4.20. 1 warning for one message. 3 messages - account lockout. Warnings are valid for 1 week and more.
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07.10.19: The code of rules is updated.
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