🛡️ PvE Event Perfect Couple

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External Player
You will find the love of your life!
In this event, you will have to try to be the most romantic or most funny person.

The hosting GM will ask singles to whisper him for the event.
Then he will teleport the singles to his location.
As soon as everyone arrived, the GM will split all participants into (depending on how many participants came) couples of 2 people.
Then, each couple has to write their best, sweetest, funniest or most creative pick up line in the chat. (Both people of a couple)
The hosting GM then chooses the couple with the, in his opinion, best pick up lines.

The couple with the best pick up lines, will be rewarded,

Only one toon is allowed

Groom/Bride pack depending on your gender
"Perfect Couple" event reward pack
Winning this event will also grant you the title [ Linked Together ] for 31 days.
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