🛡️ PvE Event Perfect Competition

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External Player
The GM holding the event will announce the start of the event in chat.
The first 12 Players to whisper to the event holding GM, will get teleported to the GM.
The GM will then pick 2 team captains, who have to pick one player each, turn by turn.

As soon as both teams are even-numbered, the team has some times to buff up.
The GM will then spawn 2 mini bosses, which have to be defeated.
Once both teams are ready, their team captains tell the hosting GM so.

The GM will then start a countdown.
When the countdown is over, both teams have to kill their boss as fast as possible.

The winning team will be rewarded.

NOTE: Depending on the GM hosting, this event would be PvP enabled, which means, teams are allowed to PK each other to stop the other team from killing their mini boss first.

Only players of the levels 90+ are allowed to participate in this event.
Players not invited to the event, are not allowed to help any team in any form, nor attack one of the bosses and will be punished if they do so.
This event will be held in safe zone.

"Perfect Competition" event reward pack
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