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Hey Community!

I wanted to give a detailed guide on how to donate to the server via PayPal.

**Notes for PayPal Payments and Common issues utilizing the PayPal Portal to donate:
- It is the User's responsibility to create their own PayPal account, or use an existing one, to submit donations to the External Project. A New PayPal account can be created by going to this link: https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/account-selection
- PayPal account support issues must be handled with PayPal technical service. Please do not provide any person, including Staff Member with your personal PayPal Account login information, Credit/Debit Card information, etc.
- PayPal Payment Portal Does not re-direct? -- This can normally be resolved by using a different Browser, or clearing the Cache/Cookies on your current browser in your settings


Link a Debit/Credit Card to your PayPal Account:
After logging into your PayPal Account, Select the option to Link a New Debit/Credit Card:

**After Entering your card information and details, save it to your PayPal Account you will see your card as a payment option to complete the payment which more information is in Part 8.

1. You can start by first going to https://externalpw.com/ and select USER PANEL at the top of the External Home Page Website.
-You will be directed to this page to sign into your account:

2. The next page after signing in will have your account details including a CONTROL PANEL panel on the left of the page. Simply select the DONATE tab to continue.

This Step is MOST Important:
-Ensure that you select PayPal as the Payment Method
-Type the Amount of Coins you would like to purchase (Bonus Coins and Total Costs automatically generate)
-CLICK THE BOX TO AUTOMATICALLY TRANSFER COINS TO GAME GOLD. Failure to do this will send your coins to your User Panel as shown above, and will need to be manually transferred to the game using the Coin Management Option which can delay the time it takes for your Gold to make it to the botique
-Review the rules of the game by clicking the blue link on the payment options, and the information in the red box below. A quick link to the rules are found here: https://externalpw.com/forums/threads/project-rules.5/
(Remember it is your responsibility to stay updated with the rules, we send alerts when such changes are made so everyone is aware)

4. After selecting Continue, the next page is an overview of the Amount of Gold you wish to purchase, including bonus gold, and the total amount owed.
(No Payment is yet taken from PayPal at this time)

5. Once again an additional Confirmation Page, No payment is yet taken

6. The next page after selecting the Check Out to confirm the amount will show the invoice of the other. Due to the currency system, PayPal will automatically convert your version of currency to the External's accepted currency. Screenshot below just shows the top of the invoice for the order, below will have more detailed information about the purchase. It is always recommended to save such invoices. After reviewing your invoice, just select the Pay (Amount) at the top left

7. After selecting the Pay Amount, the PayPal Portal with open in a new window

8. After signing into your PayPal Account. You will need to select the authorized payment method by selecting the Credit/Debit Card you saved to your PayPal Account, and select Pay Now. At this the time payment is finally made and will redirect your own invoice you saw earlier, but will show it has been Paid, and nothing is owed. Recommended to Save this invoice as well.

**At this time, once the amount is paid, it may take up to 30 minutes for the gold to show in-game. Sometimes logging out, and logging in after 5 minutes of the payment may allow it transfer faster.
**You can setup Payment notifications on PayPal to alert you if any payments are made
**You will ALSO receive a main in your in-game character from the GM confirming your payment has been processed.

I hope this may help some of you experiencing issues, or those wondering how the donation system operates. If you have any questions please feel free to contact at us at any time!
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