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Important! Official opening

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And here it is!
The server will be launched and officially opened tomorrow at 12:00pm UTC
Two new helpers join our team: @Djo and @Ares will glad to help you with solution your problem
We'll send a promo codes for receiving gold in the Boutique to most active players on beta in 1-2 days
All accounts will stay. If you played on beta, you only need to create a character in game
Donate options will be updated, and all will be automatically

About polls in the Discord:
with help of your votes (and some drama in Discord) we decided not to add 79 & 100 skills (in any case it's from a new versions, and let's see how it goes first and then we'll once again ask you about it in 3-4 months after the start)
Archo invasion will be held only on holidays, and we'll inform you about it
And also, there will be no raw resources, including herbs in the Boutique (at least at the start of the server)

Don't miss it out, see you all in the game!

Best regards,
External World Staff
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