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High-rate x10
Welcome to External x10 High Rate!!

This is a new guide that includes tips and helpful information as you begin your time on External!

Important Links to Read First

  1. - How to download X10 High Rate Client
  2. - Register an account for High Rate
    1. - About the x10 High Rate Server (i.e. classes, rates, final gears)
      1. - Project rules

🆕New Character Creation
When you first create your character, you will receive items in your inventory. Right click to open the World Map and Starter Gear Pack you receive from the Guide NPC. Here is an example for a Barbarian:

🐺Pro-Tip: Remember to check-in daily to receive free items that help during your playtime here:

🐺Pro-Tip: Every 5 levels, you receive items through the glowing Treasure Chest:

⏫Options to Level Quickly
Lvls 1-80: Questing, Grinding, and/or Zhenning (given that mob EXP is x10)
Lvls 70-80+: Frostcovered City (FCC) runs

  1. - View suggested mobs for EXP grinding here
You are in FCC runs until you hit 100+.

Other ways to gain EXP:
- Daily Marriage Quest (Lvl 20+)
- FBs/Call of Duty (Lvl 19+)
- Perfect Questmaster*
(click on link to see rewards for questing number)
- Daily Bounty Hunter (Lvl 40+)
- Daily World Quest (Lvl 70+)
- Daily
Cube of Fate (Lvl 40+)
- Weekly Monday Server Trivia (Lvl 20+)
- Weekly Thursday Server Tournament (Lvl 40+)
- Every so often in a month, Invasion is hosted on a Sunday (fast leveling and grinding opportunity)

***How to check Quest number:
*You can check how many quests you completed in the User Panel. Please note that there is an active glitch where the counter may not be correct due to old quests that may have expired or trashed before completion. For example, on the counter you may see you have 704 quests done but Perfect Questmaster doesn't give you a quest. This means you need to do 10-20 more quests for it to show up.

🎮Items to Replenish During Your Gameplay
We have Supplier Lu Yu NPC where you're able to purchase helpful items with coins like this:


Supplier NPC Coords:
- West Archosaur (525, 657)
- Thousand Streams (120, 860)

⚔Gearing Up Suggestions
Based on most players' gear journey, the Starter Gears are pretty solid until you hit around Lvl 50-70. If you don't like the Starter Gears, you can opt to using the following as you level up:

  • - NPC gears
  • - 2-stars or 3-stars crafted gears
  • - Mold gears (you may purchase from other players, farm it in instances, or use Mold NPC)
Before you hit FCC (Lvl 70-80+) to continue leveling, it is highly recommended to at least be in some mold gears.

By the time you hit Lvl 90, TT90 is pretty accessible in the market to buy or farm. Forges also include FCC gears and Lunar gears. Check forges for entire options for end-game.

We have a Molds Trader NPC where you can chip with coins for any molds available in-game:

Additionally, you have the option to chip with coins your gold mats for TT and/or Lunar as well. Check the Mysterious Merchant NPC:


🛡Nation Wars Exchange (Lvl 90+)
Once you're lvl 90, you are able to attend Nation Wars (NW)! NW is every Friday and Sunday at 20:20 server time. NW is modified to include two opposing nations. Supply tokens are exchanged for the following:

🟣How to Farm More Mysterious Chips
Mysterious chips is one of the main currencies on External x10, given that you save up chips to exchange at Mold NPC for:
  • - Molds for all gears
  • - Gold mats for TT/FCC/Lunar gears
  • - Skill book pages
Mysterious chips is earned in the following ways:
  • - All FBs/Call of Duty
  • - Daily Bounty Hunter
  • - Daily Server Arena PVP event (chests)
  • - Perfect Questmaster
  • - Event GMs events
  • - World Bosses
  • - Cube of Fate

Other Useful Information
  • - Title Quests: Titles give little stats that add over time and can make a big difference
  • Here is a guide on the Title System - click here
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External Player
High-rate x10
Frequently Asked Questions
This will be updated as more FAQs show up

Q: Is there voting for gold available?
A: At this time, no. However, we do have Auction House and Boutique gold available on External, which is gained through donations or purchased with in-game coins.

Almost all items from the Boutique can be obtained by an alternative way!
Refining stones, charms and other consumable items can be obtained by participating in GM events, PvP Archosaur Arena event, Nation Wars event, etc.
Free mount pets, fashion style sets, flyers and other stuff can be obtained by participating in contests and seasonal events!
So make sure to keep an eye on our social channels to keep up with the latest news!

Q: Where do I report a bug?
A: You can either make
a post here on the forums OR open a ticket on Discord.

Q: Where can I find latest patch notes?
A: Click here.
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