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New blood, old player form Dreamweaver


External Player
Hello everyone.

As the title says, been playing for a while when DW was a single server before the merge.

I used to play a BM called Mutiny.
Right now im looking for a place to relax from time to time, get to know some people and just have a peasant time while playing PW <3
My timezone is GMT +1

Ill start downloading the game once I get home

If there is some one who would like to hang out and do quest together leave a replay :)

Cheers, Mutiny.


External Player
After a few days of adventuring I came across two huge towers located northeast of etherblade with crows circling them.

I didnt feel comfortable enough to venture onwards, especially after seeing a corpse of someone from the Village i used to know.

Is there any brave soul who would like to aid me?
I heard of a mysterious cave at the end of the path behind the forest that id like to explore with someone.

You can find me at the walled stronghold or at the beggining of the haunted path.
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