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Some things I'm honestly not sure can even be done, but I've listed them anyway, just in case. Varying in importance, I just made notes as I thought of them. Nothing is supposed to sound demanding, I apologise if anything comes across that way.

1: Make PVP opt-in, or at least opt-out. Going off memories of servers on various MMOs, PVP servers are less popular than PVE. The PVP is possibly putting people off from joining the server, and I doubt I'm the only one who was extremely disappointed to find out it's PVP, as that was never mentioned in the server details. It's easy enough for those that do want to PVP to opt in. I won't harp on about the PVP, but I'll never be happy about it being here - I'm staying only because this is the only server of its kind around. (And it's been wonderful to play classic PW!)
Despite assurances that the PVP is fine and not a problem, I've already seen people stalking and killing lower levels who were minding their own business and not provoking anyone. Even a level difference limit would help, if changing to opt-in PVP isn't an option.

2: Add the max-storage items. I miss my maxed inventory and it's going to be very expensive to attain it again. If I recall correctly, the max storage items were effectively 1 free expansion in price, which seems reasonable to me.

3: Fix the hair textures in creator, and make all the options available from editor, without the need for ini editing to access newer race hairs, for instance. Also would love to use the rainbow hair texture which currently gives customisation error.

4: Create a wiki/fandom for this server specifically. PWDatabase and Ecatomb are for later versions, and are often incorrect for our server. I'd be willing to work on this, although I haven't used a wikia before.

5: Please don't ever add hyper xp. But a 2x (MAYBE) 3x version of a training eso would be okay, in my opinion.

6: Increase rates by .01 or .1 approximately every 10 levels after level 50 or so. PW shouldn't be super easy to get to max level, but the amount of grind by 80-90 is insane. In my opinion, this would make it still grindy, and thus an achievement, but not ridiculously so.

7: Run daily events every 12 hours instead of 24, so that other time zones have a chance to participate.

8: Add an explanation of what Unitpay is on the donation page - I thought it was a Paypal imitation scam.

9: Add a want-to-trade to auctioneer.

10: Create polls for extra features etc that are being considered, to see what opinions are about them.

11: Transparency about how financially stable the server is, and other behind the scenes needs.

12: Possibly cap gold selling prices. 150k maybe?

13: Make it possible to change the jump/interact key - using space instead of e is throwing me off! :p

14: There's like six NPCs in City of the Lost named *jobtitle* Hu - maybe change 'em up? Same deal with Plume and *jobtitle* Yi. Haven't checked Etherblade.

15: Maybe add achievements, with minor rewards, fashion perhaps?

16: Add time remaining to statuses.

17: Mark some quests, such as reobtaining crafting skill books, in a different colour.

18: Remove references to things we don't have here, such as account stash, or the PW boutique agents that mention PWI.

19: Improve map zoom - full map vs quite close and no in-between is a bit jarring these days.

20: Show quest colour in title in quest tracker.

21: Either make text use the entire space of the quest tracker, or remove the invisible margin on the right so that it can sit right against the edge of the screen.

22: Make a list of things that will never be added, for instance, I assume that the reaper race would not be making an appearance here. A sort of promise to the players to keep classic classic.

23: Make it possible to see mob areas, etc, on the map without having to start autopath first (unless I've forgotten how).

24: Please, please make 5aps impossible to achieve.

25: Longer chat character limit.

26: Lots of seasonal events/instances. Since we won't be getting expansions periodically, seasonal content will keep the game fresh.

27: Make the non-friend whisper a slightly less violent shade of blue - it's quite hard to read.

28: POSSIBLY make cash shop items rotate, so that not everything is always available - I assume that eventually, everything will be available there, with nothing new to look forward to. Same kind of idea as the seasonal events, to prevent things feeling stale. Month on, month off, perhaps.
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