⚔️ PvP Event Maze Runner


External Player
High-rate x10
The event is announced a day or a few hours before the start so players will know ahead of time or start a few minutes after server reset. At the appointed time, the EGM will meet players at Cube's Beginning Room.

Any player that wants to participate must arrive in Cube's Beginning (starting room). You can enter in at any Khatru Pup in any major city on the map. The EGM will take a screenshot of all participants to track.

First 3 players to make it to Room 50 and sends a valid trade to EGM, wins!

Given the nature of Cube, some rooms are PVP and some rooms are PVE. Therefore, PVP is allowed.
Must be Lvl40+ and have a Duty Badge to enter Cube. Remember to carry enough dice tickets and do-all cards.
Do not start/teleport to the next room until the EGM says to begin.
No limit in participants - no multi-clienting and 1 character per person.
Potions are allowed.
Apothecary pots are allowed.
Charms are allowed.
Any and all buffs are allowed.

First Place Reward
+ 50 mysterious chips
+ 1 gold hp charm
+ 1 gold mp charm
+ 30 mirages
+ 15 teleport stones
+ 15 do-all cards
+ 1 Ecstasy Card
+ GM Event Title "Maze Runner" | +24 phys. & mag. attack

Second Place Reward
+ 30 mysterious chips
+ 1 gold hp charm
+ 1 gold mp charm
+ 20 mirages
+ 10 teleport stones
+ 10 do-all cards
+ 500,000 coins

Third Place Reward
+ 15 mysterious chips
+ 1 gold hp charm
+ 1 gold mp charm
+ 10 mirages
+ 10 teleport stones
+ 5 do-all cards
+ 100,000 coins
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