🎨 Contest Master Chef [17 June - 17 July 2022]


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Let's have fun cooking!

Event Starts June 17th @9:00PM CET with deadline July 10th @10:00PM CET.
Event Poll Starts in July 10th @9:00PM CET with deadline July 17th @10:00PM CET.

The event goal:

The most creative and good looking dishes with effort put in them will win.

Rules and Application Form:
1. This event will take place on this forum thread
2.Please introduce yourself before (do not forget to share your forum nick name and IGN)
3.Give a short explanation about the cook.
4.You can either take short recording of your cooking periods or you can take pictures of it, or both (will add more effort). This must be done in 3 parts:

1st part: before starting to cook, taking a photo of the ingredients.
2nd part: during the cooking, when you start to mix ingredients.
3rd part: with the final dish and your forum name written on a piece of paper

1st place
+1000 Cubi Gold
Dragon Orb lv. 10
50x Guardian Scrolls
30x Tienkang/Tisha/Chienkun stones
Any flyer of your choice (permanent)
Storm Teleport Stone (31d)
Exclusive Title "Master Chef" [+80 ALL]​
2nd place
+500 Cubi Gold
Dragon Orb lv. 9
40x Guardian Scrolls
20x Tienkang/Tisha/Chienkun stones
Any mount pet of your choice (permanent)
Storm Teleport Stone (31d)
Exclusive Title "Chef Helper" [+50 ALL]​
3rd place
+300 Cubi Gold
Dragon Orb lv. 8
25x Guardian Scrolls
10x Tienkang/Tisha/Chienkun stones
Any fashion style set of your choice (permanent)
Storm Teleport Stone (31d)
Exclusive Title "Little Chef" [+30 ALL]​

Wish you all the best of luck and hoping to see your work soon!
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Hello, my IGN is RuneClawz and discord is RuneClaws. The dish I’ve cooked recently is Tandoori chicken Biryani made with boneless thigh only. The recipe was evolved as it was passed down the family. Below ingredients includes pre-marinated chicken with secret that is grilled and airfried due to space and time, masala base starts with the fried onions. This is then mixed with chicken, topped up with fried tumeric egg and topped up with fried onions. Forum name is: aincognito 🤷‍♂️ [@Mods, I've posted it slightly early but edit does not seem to update and re-uploading on phone is long so hope this is okay].


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Hello everyone!
This is my entry and my recipe is called "Spaghetti con gamberi"
My ING is Ana

Ingredients: Spaghetti, shrimp, lemon juice and pepper.

I've cut the head/tail away from the shrimps, put the spaghetti in the boiling water with salt and started cooking the shrimps, in 10minutes I can mix them together.

After 10minutes you can put your spaghetti in the pan. Add lemon, pepper and Knor (brodo granuale), sunflower oil too of course, or any oil you like.

This is the final look. I've added some fresh Parsley to add more taste to it.




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Hello, my ingame name is Shikubaki. This dish is a famous Dutch dish. It's called Kapsalon. Orginally the meat is kebab with french fries. Now it is with baked potato and with chicken thight. A bit more healthyer. It's really easy to make and really delicious. Well, hopefully you will like my dish=)

You start with baking potato's and the chicken thights. Also i've put shoarma seasoning on the chicken thights. Once that is done, you put cheese over it and place it for 8 minutes in the oven at 200 degrees celcius. After that you can put any vegatables on it which you prefer. And the sauce is garlic sauce=)

BTW if the image / video doesnt work, let me know.

And yeah, my dog likes the food too, hehe :D


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