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This event will be hosted weekly or twice a week at maximum.
The first 12 players (or less), from the 90+ lvl range, to whisper the GM with "+", will be teleported into the GM Arena.
After the participants have been teleported, they have to make circle around the GM
The event will consist of 1v1 battles
The participants in the first PvP will be randomly selected by the GM, the winner of this PvP will fight with another from the circle, which will also be randomly selected.
If the player loses, he is eliminated from the event.
The winner fights the next one left in the circle.
The event will continue until all players from the circle are defeated and the winner is revealed - the King of the Hill.


The "+" pm must be sent directly to the GM holding the event, and not in any other way (World Chat for example).
Within this arena, the GM has full control and authority to kick or kill people if he decides to, depending on their behavior.
Trade chat use is forbidden within this arena.
Spamming normal chat or giving advise to on-going fights is forbidden.
Players are to follow GM orders and stand in specific places of this arena.
Spectators must NOT interfere with the on-going fights or jump out or move from their designated spot, with the penalty of being kicked or killed to leave the arena.
Potions are not allowed.
Apothecary pots are not allowed.
Only self-buffs are allowed.
Charms are allowed.
Fights can take up to 10 minutes, after that a duel will be held with the same rules as the fight, except MP pots are allowed.

"King of the Hill" event reward pack
Winning this event will also grant you the title [ Who's next? ] for 31 days.
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