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Hello everyone! My name is AJ IRL or you can also call me by my toons' name which are Revenge(BM)/Vengeance(EP). I turned 24 years old just a few days ago. I'm also introvert so I don't talk that much unless needed.

I just started playing External PW few hours before making this intro post. That being said, I've been playing this game on and off ever since the version was 1.3 up until the recent version of PWI but just recently quit due to it becoming heavily pay-to-win.

Back then, I main a BM as it was the most sought out class as well the one with most epic looking flight (according to my early teenage mind). You can't deny the fact that flying swords looks awesome, not to mention the effects. That changed when Tideborn came out and I was really into Ninja/Assassin at that time because of Naruto so I decided to switch from BM to Sin and never looked back.

I do tend to play solo whenever I can but if a situation calls for a team in order to finish a boss/dungeon, I wouldn't mind tagging along. And, since this version is 1.3, I decided to make an EP alt for heals since there is no sin for BP.

Anyways, if you're still reading this, thanks for your time reading my intro. I'm really looking forward playing with you guys.

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