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Hey everyone,

I'm a long time veteran player, been around since the game came out 12 years ago but I never got to high levels because of limitations of my old PC, family business, new job, etc. Long story short, I never got to experience the game fully, I always started a new character and then abandoned them before level 60. If I remember correctly, my Veno was the highest level char and she was around 60... I've been trying to keep up with the expansions and innovations but there is an overwhelming amount of stuff to process and I keep reading that the game has become pay to win.

I'm here now, would like to experience the original game properly. I have a level 22 Barb and I'm looking for people to play with. I am also interested in the game's story so I read the quests I do and would love to go to FBs to get to know the world better. Also, I'm all about PvE and I never liked PvP and I play on the x10 server.

About the real me... I'm a 30 year-old-dad who happens to be a firefighter and the job doesn't pay much so I also have occasional secondary jobs. I don't have all day to play but I can sit down for a few hours at least every second evening. My timezone is GMT +1. I hope we get to play together soon.

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