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Hey Community!

I wanted to give out some information to the players of the game that I hope some might find useful. We have veterans, weekenders, players returning for the classic feel, and players that have never played before! It's a pleasure to assist and play alongside you all. The following may be known by most, a refresher for some, or new information for few. This is not intended to advise players "how" to play the game and may NOT provide all questions and concerns you may have (we are always here to help!), or provide a detailed guide on how to do tasks within the game (Events, Instances, Quests, etc). With my best effort going forward with this post is to update it with future tips to assist all players who may be seeking guidance.

I strongly advise to read, and stay updated with the project rules for the server: https://externalpw.com/forums/threads/project-rules.5/

The following are in no specific order of any sort and may change during updates.

1. Player-Killing/PVP/PK: This is enabled once a player's character reaches level 30. The character's name will transition from the color blue to white. More information on PK/PVP itself can be found in the Rules-link above.

2. Common In-Game Acronyms:

The following acronyms do not contain any abusive terms:
- Elf Priest (Cleric)
EA - Elf Archer
WB - Werebeast/Barbarian -or depending on the context- World Boss (Public Boss)
WF - Werefox/Venomancer
BM - Blademaster
- Marriage Quest
DQ - Dragon Quest
CS - Crazy Stone (Daily Quest) - Begins at level 30
BH - Bounty Hunter (Daily Quest) - Begins at level 40
COF - Cube of Fate (Daily Quest) - Begins at level 40
WTS/WTB/WTT - Wanting to Sell, Buy, or Trade (Normally seen in the World Chat system)
APS - Attacks Per Second
Chan - Channeling/ Casting Speed

3. At this time, there is NO reward system for players that vote or have a referral from inviting a new player to the server. We do have special events hosted by GMs of the server, player/holiday reward bonuses, and an in-game calendar with a daily sign-in option and that gives the player useful items each day. We do offer special promo codes time-to-time for the players to receive goodies. You can access the User Panel from the Home Page, sign into your registered account, and type the current code in the box and click -Claim a Reward-
Current Promo Code:
(Promo code is subject to change)

4. Coins within the game are split by the number of people within your party, no matter where they are in the world or even in an instance. This could also be used as a quick way to transfer coins to another player, or yourself from an alternative account.
Example: You are in the Cube of Fate, and not enough coins to accept a quest to complete the room due to the lack of funds. Simply invite an alternative account or another player that is willing to assist, 200,000 coins can be dropped no matter where they are located, then picked up again, and it will split 100,000 among both players. If more players are within the same party, the coin split will be divided by the number of players within.

5. Encyclopedia: This is an extremely helpful tool within the game to assist in finding information on monsters, locations, items, what drops them and much more.
Example: You are looking to farm some materials such as leather, but not sure where to start:
At the bottom right of the screen, select the Function Tab, then the Encyclopedia option

This Menu will appear, for demonstration purposes, you may be looking to find what enemies drop Leather. Click the Items Tab.


Type in the item you would like to find information on, select SEARCH, the Item, or related items will appear on the right of the panel. Just select what you need, and choose the DROPPED BY option to display a list of monsters that drop what you are inquiring about. You will see more options as well as the drop table of all items available from that monster and much more.


5. There is a separate post regarding PayPal Donations, please refer to: https://externalpw.com/forums/threads/paypal-donation-guide-how-to.248/#post-1468
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