🛡️ PvE Event Hide and Seek Event

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External Player

This event consist of 5 rounds.
The GM holding the event teleports to a random location on the map and the proceeds to give out hints as to where he is.
There can be more than one hint per round depending on if players have found him or not within 5 minutes of the last hint.
First player to find him and send a valid trade request gets the reward.


The trade request must be valid and to the GM hosting the event.
First acceptable (valid) trade request incoming from a player is the one who gets the reward.
A player can win a maximum of 2 times per event.
PvP and RPK to try and cancel the trade between the winner and the GM is not allowed and will be punished.


Players are rewarded with a Hide and Seek Reward Pack for winning the round which is traded to them directly once they find the GM.
If a player wins 3 times within the same event, they get a Silver Hide and Seek Reward Pack on their 3rd win, which contains better rewards than the normal one.
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