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Hi, everyone. I'm 35 years old from a small Eastern European country called Bulgaria. My name is Radoslav but if it's easier for you, you can call me Rado or Speeder (whatever you like; Speeder is my nickname from another game, so both are valid).
I used to play PWI from its very beginning for quite a long time and had a level 85 Human Wizard. At that level it became impossible to grow without pouring a truckload of money into the official game, so I abandoned it. Later through the years I tried playing again but all I saw was how the game goes from bad to worse. So, when a friend of mine told me he saw ExternalPW on a private lists website saying that there will be no pay to win, I was really excited and thought to myself "Finally!", so I decided to register and wait for the release of EPW.
Over the years I've played many MMORPGs: ROSE Online (my first MMORPG), Cabal 1, Cabal 2, WoW Legion, Talisman Online, Neverwinter and many others whose titles I can't remember right now but none of them ever stole my heart the way PWI did which is why now I'm so excited for this private server going back to the better version of the game. :)
On a side note, it would be nice to try and run EPW in Linux. :D
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