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Hello Everyone!!


External Player
I have been a long time PW player, my first toon was a wizard on Arch server back before tideborns were introduced. She's still there, I can't bring myself to delete any of my toons on PWI. After all the mergers and it becoming a pay to win game, I left public and searched for a private server to just hang out on, I found a few but only one that had really stuck and have lasting friendships on but it's become a bit mundane and felt the need to get back to my roots, so I came here. I had forgotten how hard it is to level and stay alive while questing, and I hope that its not going to turn into me needing to put real money onto the server in order to move forward, I work, but to pay the bills and eat so I really have nothing left to put into a game, sorry to the server owners, but it's true. I'm not into PVP and will never be white name, will mostly stay to myself until I am strong enough to help others. I am thankful for having a faction, I watch a lot of the convo to learn about the game, I'm not afraid to ask or join in when I have something to say. Thanks again for creating this server, I really look forward to hanging out with everyone here.

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