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some of the gold prices in the beautique are just way to high, for the server being at what it is, 200 gold plus for mounts and flyers, and some other stuff, but for the donation part is good I know you have to keep the server up but still at the prices you have for some stuff is crazy, more people would donate if the prices where lowered.


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the currency that matters here is in game coin. Keep your eyes on the catshops, in the world chat for sales of items by players, and also the gold market, the prices for trades of in game coin to gold are reasonable. Also craft, all crafting is a worthy investment as you can create your own income, farming of mats and DQ items generate a nice bit of coin. Also , at times, people offer to see items from the cash shop for in game coin or trade for other items. The economy here makes sense to me, it keeps fluffy items a bit less common, so that is good, and keeps the value of money spent on fantastic stuffs that for the most part are unecessary but add some flair to gameplay here. I love that you can purchase inexpensive items and upgrade them over time as well. it all keeps us busy and out of trouble:tigerhihi: CHEERS !!
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