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For opening you need a squad of two or more people and a squad leader of level 85 or higher to open
All other squad members must be level 75 or higher, but only the leader needs to be in the instance
Talk to the NPC Lin Yan in beginning of the instance to open the first gate



You have to kill the Glacial Shades to open a gate, if you go through all opened doors you will do all in the right order. Bosses open doors too, so there is no skipping bosses in here.
Important! If the door is not open, or there is boss not appears - make sure that all required mobs (Glacial Shade) are killed on the way.



Location: Frozen Chapel​
Info: this boss summons traps, typically 3 spot where players are at.
Don't stay in the traps, they deal massive damage on you,
barb can remain in one spot to tank.
Move away once one forms around you.
Diabolic Shocktrooper
Location: Glacia's Temple
Summon with help NPC Frost Lord Holan
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First talk to Holan, he will give you a quest.​
Kill as many Elementos as you can (seriouslly, kill all if you can).​
You have 30 seconds to kill each one of them before​
a new one respawn with a full hp, be sure to focus fire one at a time.​
After 30 seconds the mobs disappear.​
If all are gone the boss Diabolic Shocktrooper wakes.​
Info: When you have the seal bubble around you, you get some bad damage.
Clerics need to purify.
After you kill him two Frost Bishops spawn, with foxes around them.
These are easy enough to avoid drawing aggro from; alternatively 1 person grab aggro,
cleric team heals, rest of the team focus on getting the Frost Bishops killed asap.
The Frost Bishops AoE interrupt and damage.
Location: Frost Palace​
Info: He calls up Frost Bishops, random aggros and does purge debuff then.​
Barb/herc tank boss try to keep him on you,​
rest kill Frost Bishops as soon they appear and DD on boss in between.​
Cleric best team heal. Don't worry to much about the debuff, the bishops are worse.​
Asoteric Runewolf
Location: Snow Palace​
Info: This boss shouts, keep a close eye on that.​
When he says SLASH you better be far away, because he does a AoE that 1-hits all.​
After the slash run back to continue killing. He slows with his attack.​
It is wise for the venomancer to use soul degeneration​
so that the boss will not regenerate his HP while the squad is running.​
Messenger of Fear
Location: Glacial Watch​
Info: Does AoE sleep and damage. Cleric team heal.​
Oceania Master
Location: Frozen Hall​
Info: Stands in a big room filled with mobs.​
Kill all mobs before hitting the boss. Let the barb or herc tank the boss.​
Do not use AoE. Don't hit the minion that spawns next to the boss, telling you to try hit him.​
Ignore this minion, don't AoE it too​
If you hit the minion he does a severe AoE killing most people in your squad.​
Kill all hands asap, before they clap cause they kill almost everyone if they clap.​
Best put archer and/or BM on killing hands.​

After you kill this boss the NPC Celestial Sister appears, talk to her. Hit as many of the Frozen Heads you can, they give EXP


Decaying Fragrance
Location: Forgotten Residence​
Info: This one does the axe debuff like one of the last bosses in FB 69.​
Barb has to tank it (or Blademaster). AoE stuns.​
Asotheric Runephoenix
Location: Phoenix Chamber
Info: Shoot him, run to lower him so all can hit him.​
He AoE seals and does damage, drains life. Just DD, cleric team heals.​
It is wise for the Venomancer to use soul degeneration​
when amplify damage is on cooldown​
because this boss has a great HP regeneration rate.​
After the phoenix dies, you need to destroy the remains Blazing Phoenix Soul too.​
Location: Treasure Chamber​
Info: Lure the Holeen Body.​
After he's dead Holeen Champion of Fientazzar spawns.​
Holeen Champion of Fientazzar
Location: Treasure Chamber​
Info: The big one random aggros, seals, AoEs and buffs himself at around 30% of his HP.​
Cleric team heals (usually: Regeneration Aura) and the venomancer should purge.​

For the Sincerity and Faithfulness he'll give you a Chest of Faith containing a random gift: Perfect Stones, Chest of Coins, Flawless Shards,
Scarlet Fruit and a random 10x


Good luck everyone!
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