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Si vis pacem, para bellum
If you want peace, prepare for war

Territorial Wars are the most exciting part of the guild confrontation, because only on the battlefield they can show what they really stand for!
For many factions, this is a chance to make themselves known, and for the spectators - to support someone's side and, once again, to argue which of them is really stronger.

We're announcing the launch of another challenge, but this time it's for factions.
Prove your dominance over other guilds by capturing territories: the more territories, the more challenge points your guild gets.
Guilds that control the most valuable territories by the end of the challenge will share the total prize pool of 50.000 Cubi Gold among themselves!

🗓 Dates of the challenge:
March 11th - June 12th

🎯 About challenge points:
Level 1 Territory: +5 challenge points;
Level 2 Territory: +3 challenge points;
Level 3 Territory: +1 challenge point.

🏆 Challenge rewards:
The guild that takes the first place will receive 25,000 Cubi Gold!
The guild that takes the second place will receive 15,000 Cubi Gold!
The guild that takes the third place will receive 10,000 Cubi Gold!

⚠ Terms and conditions:
If the factions have the same number of points, the reward will be given to the one whose territories have a higher level.
The terms and conditions may be changed by the staff if they deem it necessary.​
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