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Useful F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions


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Question: How to connect the server?
Here you can download our server client
Here you can register your account

Q: What is the server rates?
A: All the server rates are 1x.

Q: What is the gold rate?
A: 1$ = 5 gold in the game

Q: Is there any voting reward?
A: Not yet. In the near future there will be a coins, for which you can buy a stuff from the coin shop

Q: How can I vote and support the server?
on the TopG
on the gtop100
on the XTREMETOP100
Also, these links are on the right of the main forum page

Q: There's error "Close the game before installing the update". What am I doing wrong?
A: You have to close any PW client thats open
Сheck if there are running clients in the task manager
If it still doesn’t help, try to reboot your PC.

Q: My game just crashing without any errors or something! HELP ME!
A: Just verify game files in the launcher
Important! Don't interrupt the verify!

Q: Can I get items from the store in a game way without donation?
A: Yes, of course
You can buy a gold for coins from other players in the "Gold Trading" section at the Auction

Q: Can I change the password for a game account?

A: Yes, you can do this in the "settings" section in your control panel

Q: When trying to buy an item from a game store, it writes an error "Perfect Boutique does not have this kind of item"
A: Launch the game through the launcher and update the client to the current version.

Q: I can not complete the registration, because a confirmation email and account information does not come in the mail. What to do?
A: Check the Spam folder in your mail.

Q: Hi! I'm a newbie here, how do I should activate promotional code START-THE-GAME ?
A: You can activate it in the User Panel.


Q: I still haven't received the rewards for the referral link / sponsor system from the user panel. What can I do ?
This system does not reward players yet, but when the rewards will be add, referrals will receive it.
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