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Errors found in the game

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All errors found in the game will be updated here.

First error,Supply Stash reward items cannot be exchanged in the mailbox.

Please submit only the mistakes in the game here,If you have any other suggestions for the game, please open another post.Thanks for all!
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"Current Quests" UI cant be moved

Quest: Exterminate Grave Fire: Monsters needed are named: "Grave Fire" instead of "Crypt Flame"

Damage feels way to high: Lv.1 monsters shouldn't be one hit at Lv.1

Quest: Build Weapons in a Hurry: Monsters needed are named: "TerraWraith Lamster" insated of "Earthen Roguewraith"
Quest: Build Weapons in a Hurry: Monsters needed are named: "Bramble Cactus" instead of "Bramble Cactopod"


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Reporting another error: The first quest "Showing off the skill" asked to kill 10 Emerald Qingfu, but the quest text says the name of the mob was Green WaterBeetle.



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I hope we won't have Supply Stash item on this server. It is item from PWI made with one purpose..to make new players easier to catch others. It will make early craft skills, mats, weapon drops useless. It will also affect market for those in early game. 1.3.6 didn't have those. It's stupid PWI thing. Please devs reconsider about removing those from game. Let the farming, crafting and economy develop naturally.


External Player
- when opening the map, open the area map per default instead of the world map
- buy gold should link to https://externalpw.com/lk/index.php?op=donate

- The Big one: monster names in quests dont match the actual names
- "find quest" -> [NEW] tag resets after closing the menu or doing another action
- events in the events-panel can not be sorted by name, size and time
- world map "image" has UI +-X elements in the top right corner
- in the territory map - some backgrounds are too big- mostly at the south side, e.g dreaming cloud
- some text clipping in the skill book - manufacturing names above "Prof", e.g for "Blacksmith Skill"
- the animation overlay after a finished cultivation can be moved around with left clicking and dragging it left/right
- fashion sets missing most items: camo , gongfu , chain , helmsley set, bestial rage, tang suit, star crossed love, gothic, winged elf noble, wingspan, white dragon, dress suit
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Skills don't cost coins?

Missing Barbarian skills NPC in Cambridge Village [Broken Bridge Village]
2019-10-27 16-32-27(1).png
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Multiple quests repeated when taking or turning in at many npcs.
And I can't upload screenshots at this forum since the last game update :/


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At the faction screen (after you press G) I can't see other people position except for the Leader and I can't also see any other class except for Wizard. Other people in faction reported the same.
PS: Still can't upload screenshots at this forum :/


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In many areas across the map (tested it while walking from Dreamweaver to Etherblade region), you are forced to PK enabled mode even at lower levels.
For example, at those coords:
563,965 - pk enabled at lv17
564,967 - pk not enabled at the same lv17
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