💬 Discord Easter Photo Shoot [15 - 24 April]


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Hello, External players,
Let's celebrate Easter together by taking the best shoots of your character!
Event dates: April, 15 - 24

About the event:
This event is being held in the Discord. The participants have to submit an ORIGINAL in-game screenshot of their character. The participants can choose any location, but they should be aware of the theme: EASTER 🐰🐰🐰
A Game Master will announce the start of the event both in Discord and in-game. After the announcement, GM will introduce a theme in #event-channel and set the dates of the event. Each participant can submit a maximum of one (1) entry.

Once the event time is over, GM will count the votes and announce the winners.

Starts: Friday, April 15th @ 9:00 PM CET
Ends: Sunday, April 24th @ 10:00 PM CET


- There is no limit for participants or voters.
- A screenshot of your character looks/design needs to be posted on Discord channel #event-channel
- Each participant can post up to one (1) Easter related character shoot. Offensive designs are not allowed. Those would be removed immediately and the responsible participant would be out of the event.
- Self-votation is not allowed.
- It is possible to give negative votes: :voteyes: will add 1 point in score while :voteno: will deduct 0.5 points. Any other reactions won't be counted.
- In case of a tie between character designs of different participants, any GM can serve as the tiebreaker.
- After winners are announced, they will need to pm GM with the IGN they want to get the prize on.

1st place
Any flyer of your choice
500 Cubi Gold
1x Platinum Guardian Charm
1x Platinum Spirit Charm
15x Tienkang/Tisha/Chienkun stones

2nd place
Any mount pet of your choice
300 Cubi Gold
1x Gold Guardian Charm
1x Gold Spirit Charm
10 Tienkang/Tisha/Chienkun stones

3rd place
Any fashion style set of your choice
150 Cubi Gold
1x Silver Guardian Charm
1x Silver Spirit Charm
5x Tienkang/Tisha/Chienkun stones

Wishing you sunshine, good times and a very happy Easter!

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