Crafting skills - Lvl 1 to 8 [CLOSE THREAD]

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Please read every part of this suggestion before commenting. If you see a downfall to this please advise.

-Give everyone the skills lvl 1 to 8 for all skills except apothecary (herbs are actually easy to farm and are used alot for PvP late game)
-Remove all mats from boutique during the official

-Mats will still be needed to craft molds, blacksmith/tailor equipements
-Fair for everyone
-No need to grind to level up a skill that has RNG at certain level


-TT/lunar gears will be easier to craft
-Not original content

Mats will still be worth a good price, it doesn't break the economy (correct me if i'm wrong)

Add the skills from a lvl1 pack given at the character creation.

PW 1.3.6 was known for grind, agreed, but the server is currently too low populated to relate on others to sell mats in order to have enough to level up the skills. Atleast with this idea, you just need to focus on the necessary mats to make gears and not to level up skills.

Edit: Take note that mats are still required to craft gears to level up your skills, what my idea is removing is only the quest to get a 2** gear in order to get the item to level up (at the elder)

Let me know what you think about this idea.
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But why? I really don't understand. Why we need free craft skills? The point is to PLAY game..get skills on your own, farm mats, craft things, use things, sell things and enjoy in process. Yes it is not easy..and not everyone will be crafters..but thats the point. To actually PLAY the game.


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I prefer it as it is right now , as @dale981 well said , not everyone will be crafters . From my view it break the economy ,right now max out a crafting skill is rewarding , if all server max out easy , whats the point ? It is like convert a rare skill to a common one , is downgrade it .
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