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Classic x1 Crafting materials


External Player

I have some suggestions.

It's really difficult to learn or level up crafting skills because it's hard to get the materials from mobs and cat shops. Therefore, I want to suggest to have all crafting materials on Boutique.


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Game Master
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Hey mate
We think this is a kind of P2W. And many players supported us in this matter.
But this vote was six months ago.
This has been discussed more than once on the forum, for example, here is one of the topics.
You can find the rest by search
Perhaps now the opinion of the players has changed
I wonder what others think about this now? Please let me know.
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External Player
I would like to have mob drop mats (thread, glaze, etc) in the Boutique but not farmable mats (steel, coal, etc). This would be a compromise that would make the game more enjoyable for me at least.


External Player
is there a way to add level limits to what materials would be available in the boutique? when I was the right level to level the materials for level 4 crafting, i was too weak to farm them and now that I can safely farm them, the monsters are 10+ levels below me. I play from North America so the chance of buying materials is low and the chance of actually finding a human being that will reply when I am online and gaming is next to zero.
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