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In the world of the Internet there are always problems with access or high ping, here are examples of reasons:
- Problems or intentional blocking to IP from the user's Internet provider.
There are different types of providers: Some providers connect a network in cities.
Other providers connect the network between cities.
Trunk providers - connect the network between countries.
A problem may arise at each of these stages.
- Problems with the provider where the game server is located
This problem is usually found most easily: most users experience the problem.
Such problems do not need to be checked on the user's side and, if they occur, are resolved asap.
To solve a problem - first you need to correctly understand what it is.

How to check the problem?

Win+R -> cmd
Run the following commands:
ping externalpw.com
tracert externalpw.com

2) WinMTR
- Download the archive with software from the link below
- Run the program
- Type a used link address in the input field

For example, if you use link 1 in the game, type in program link1.externalpw.com
If you use a link 4 - link4.externalpw.com
It is important to use the same link in the game that you entered into the program

- Then you have to enter the game and expect a high ping / DC
The program’s report will show the network route and where exactly the loss of connection messages occurs.

3) Check Host
It is also possible to understand whether there is a massive problem for all users / cities / countries or not by checking ping from different countries and cities.
On this site you can enter our address link1.externalpw.com and click ping.
In the report results, you can check which ping from which country / city is currently running.

What if I don’t understand any of this?
Use the 2nd method (WinMTR) and copy the report to one of our developers.
We will check and say what needs to be done next.


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