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City of Abominations (CoA) it's a weekly event that occurred every Wednesday
Registration time: 20:50-21:00.
Event time: 21:00-22:00 (registration at this time becomes unavailable)
You can enter the CoA via Khatru Pup, and the entry fee is 20.000 coins.
There is a limit to how many people can enter, like Dragon Temple, and only level 50+ are able to enter.
There are four different instances (all of which have identical mobs/rooms).
Those instances are Phoenix, Tiger, Dragon, and Tortoise.

Only the first 400 people can enter the event. If Khatru Pup does not let you in, then the number of players in the event has already reached the limit.
You can't pick your squads since you're randomly thrown into one of the instances.
If you can't trust your group then it's best to use random distribution.
If you die in the instance you are revived in the same instance at a random corner.
If you disconnect, you're kicked out without a refund.

Event goals:
Collect as many resources as possible from mobs and bosses.
Most bosses have immunity to something: either physical damage, or some element. Therefore, wisely choose the boss you want to farm during the event!
Orbs cannot be traded so if you want the ring you'll have to work together as a squad and have only one person collecting.
Killing a boss in your instance contributes to the point total for your instance. The value for each boss is proportional to their HP, so a 1M HP boss gives 10 points, a 1.5M HP boss gives 15 points, and so on. 1 point is awarded for every Netherworld Evil killed or Yama Order farmed.

When the event ends you can turn in your Astral Orbs for various rewards at the Dark Messenger that appears.
If you're in the winning instance then the costs of most rewards will be 1/3 to 1/2 off.
Netherworld Panacea - there is a kind of potion in the City of Abominations that can be exchanged for an EXP and Spirit reward from the Dark Messenger.
Astral Orb drops from the bosses

☆Seal of Eternal Solitude (Normal Cost: 600x Astral Orb / Winning cost: 400x Astral Orb)​
Warsoul Tag (6x Astral Orb / 3x Astral Orb)​
Badge of Strength (100x Astral Orb / 50x Astral Orb )​
Badge of Bravery (600x Astral Orb / 400x Astral Orb)​
Badge of Courage (100x Astral Orb / 50x Astral Orb)​
Mysterious Chip (10x Astral Orb / 10x Astral Orb)​
Netherworld Panacea and Astral Orb are unable to be traded or discarded. Also disappears upon leaving the instance.

Good luck everyone!
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