Changed drop rates or bugged drop table?


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I was farming Qingzi today. *Sitcom laugh-track starts playing* Yes I know that farming Qingzi is a fools game, because the gear he drops is going to be outdated in no time, but that didn't really matter to me or my cleric friend. We're both new players, fresh at level 37 and we wanted to farm a boss, so Qingzi it is. We did a grand total of 15 runs, on-level and at 2x drop rates, and not a single mold dropped. According to this pwidatabase entry Qingzi can drop 9 different Molds with drop rates ranging from 4% - 10%. Mathmatically speaking, this essentially means that you can reasonably expect at least some mold to drop every few runs even at the worst of times, yet we did 15 runs and got nothing. That's when we suspected that something must be wrong and aborted mission to investigate

I have since been informed that the droptables on pwidatabase do not necessarily match this server's and that I should refer to the ingame encyclopedia for more reliable information, so I did. The drop table on the encyclopedia is virtually identical to the pwidatabase one except that 3 molds are missing, specifically the Handaxes of Demonic Roar, the Heavy Plate of Phantom and the Fiend's Ring. In their place you can see three suspiciously empty lines. However, when you search the encyclopedia for these items and where they DO drop, all of them say it's from Qingzi. What am I supposed to make of this?

I have two trains of thought right now:

First, the chances for Mold drops are just ridiculously low on this server. Since the In-Game Encyclopedia doesn't show drop rates this is perfectly possible, although I don't understand why somebody would feel the need to change Qingzi's drop rates in particular. Also, the drop rates would have to be stupidly low for us to not see a single mold after 15 runs at 2x drop rate.

Second, the drop table is broken. If the In-Game encyclopedia is referencing the same drop tables that the game is referencing when calculating drops, then these aforementioned inconsistencies and blank lines might be indicative of a much more fundamental problem. Namely, that shit's fucked. Somehow. This is worrying, mostly because it might not be the only drop table that is busted, and frankly, I'd like to make sure this isn't going to be a reoccurring problem going forward, should I continue playing on this server.

I don't really care about the items I didn't get, I would just like some feedback on this on a technical level.



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Hey @Jagdhund,
Technically, since the server version is newer than NPC gen, mobs, items, etc., the encyclopedia and drop table may be wrong in some cases (although we adjust it sometimes there)
If you need any information about which you doubt or cannot find - look in the FAQ section on the forum
If you cannot find what you are looking for there either, use the database archive at this link
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