Can't launch game due to anticheat

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When I try to launch the game I get the below error telling me that a virtual machine is detected and to turn off Windows hypervisor... The OS the game is running in is not running in a virtual machine; I have Windows installed normally. I use Windows hypervisor to run Docker on my machine along with a bunch of other things and I do not intend to disable it every time I want to launch the game as the instructions ask me to do. I never had trouble running this game in the past (low rate server and the high rate beta/test). I've also never had problems with anti-cheats (including ones that people consider the most intrusive). Does that mean I'm out of luck and can't play?

Active Launcher

Virtual machine detected! Your windows is launched in Hyper-V hypervisor mode, please turn it off in order to run the game.
Click "YES" and Active Anticheat will do it for you, then restart PC.

Otherwise, please perform these actions manually:
1. Run cmd.exe as Administrator.
2. Execute "Bcdedit.exe /set hypervisorlaunchtype off"
3. Restart your PC.
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