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Please can we look into implementing alternating BH Boss's so that it is not the same one almost every day? This should allow us to stack BH's every week considering it is difficult to get a squad nowadays and that means we miss out on exp, rewards etc

Can we also introduce BH II every Fridays (or perhaps as an 'event' on Friday's so BH I is not a prerequisite) so we can do another BH on this day? So for the 2nd BH, it would be cool to introduce Valley of Reciprocity (Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta):

Alpha for 4x BH players (1st wave boss)
Beta for 5x and 6x BH players (2nd wave boss)
Gamma for 7x and 8x BH players (2nd wave boss)
Delta for 9x and 10x BH players (3rd wave boss) - I do not remember the last time I saw a squad being formed for a 10x BH, this will allow 10x to join with 9x for a BH at least every Fridays.

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