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Frequently asked questions about the installed anti-cheat system on the highrate server.

Q: When I try to enter the game, the AntiCheat window appears, and after that it closes without any errors, what should I do?

A: You have to add the game client directory to the exceptions of your antivirus, and then try to launch the game again.
If that doesn't help, disable your antivirus, reboot your PC and try again.

Q: Can't connect server! 1
A: Check your firewall, Windows Defender or antivirus, they may have quarantined important game files by mistake.
We also recommend adding the game client directory to the exceptions of your antivirus.

Q: The error "Launch error, please, close all games! 3" what should I do?

A: The anti-cheat conflicts with some of the latest Windows updates
Make sure you don't have the following patches installed: KB5003173 and KB5001391
If they are installed, you need to manually remove them and restart your computer.

Q: Can't unload critical files, please, close all games! 1
A: Make sure the elementclient.bin / elementclient.exe process is not in the Task Manager.
If there is no such process there, then most likely the antivirus added the Anti-Cheat files to quarantine: you have to delete the active64.sys. file from your antivirus quarantine and reboot your PC.

Q: - "Starting in a virtual machine is impossible" error when trying to play in a virtual machine.
Q: - When trying to move a character using TeamViewer, nothing happens.

Q: - My mouse programs do not work in the game. What should I do?
A: Unfortunately, anti-cheat system may conflict with:
third-party operating systems;
virtual machines;
remote access programs;
touchpad, controller and mouse software.
In order to play on our server you have to disable all of the above

Q: When I try to enter my character, the game crashes without any errors or notifications.

A: Try the following steps one at a time, checking the client's work after each:
- Update Microsoft Visual C ++ to the latest version from the official site from here
- Press the Win + R keybind, enter the dxdiag command and switch to the 64bit version in the window that opens.
- Download all the latest updates from the Windows update center
- For the file element / elementclient.exe, remove the compatibility mode (-> Right Click on the file, -> Properties, -> Compatibility, -> Uncheck the box c Run in compatibility mode). "

Hope this can help you figure it out
If you still have questions or any issue on this, feel free to write me on the forum @Sushi
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