About lag and disconnections...

Do you have lag spikes or disconnect?

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Me and several people on the server are experiencing lag spikes and dc’s whenever playing.

Asking other players if they’ve got the same problem only results in them blaming our pc or internet connection.

My internet is great, I believe that 40mbps and 80fps is sufficient to run the game, but that said, I am still experiencing noticeable lag and lag spikes that makes playing the server frustrating.

Therefore, things like questing makes it difficult as I tend to get bad lag spikes (sometimes lasting up to 30 seconds) and it causes me to either die or lose a good portion of my charm.

I also found that when I’m playing on link V (lowest ping link for me) I get disconnected every 30 minutes.

I’m from the UK and I can ensure you its not a problem from my end as other servers are running perfectly fine.

I’ll make a poll so people can vote if they’re experiencing the same thing as I am or not.



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This is the statistics of the delay to the 5 link in our game.
Checks come from Moscow, Frankfurt and Amsterdam.


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DC nop but the Ping ye it always Go up then down up down 170ms to 300ms(Link V) While on Classic(this is not to advertise) im 30ms.

Well Link 1 was also way better for us that we live in Eu.
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